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John provides more more thoughts on the recent smash down in gold…a pivotal few weeks ahead!


A potential low was formed overnight in precious metals. I suggest a snapback has good odds, as yesterday’s action produced yet more extreme oversold and overbearish flags, such as this:

16apr20131Source: Bespoke

Daily Sentiment Index for gold and silver was down to 7 out of 100 at the start of the day, so I expect finished close to zero. Bullish percent for gold miners ended a second day at zero.

It’s akin to a stretched elastic band. Doesn’t mean it can’t go lower yet, but if so the relief rally would likely be bigger and faster. An obvious target for a relief rally would be the scene of the breakdown, which in gold would be around 1550. However, it would take a fairy powerful snapback to get us there and I doubt such a strong relief rally would occur if this is a new secular bear. So is it?


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